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Family History

Boddie / Bodie Lineage
Ciphering the Salter Family Line
Elizabeth (Taylor?) Rodgers Ciphering
John A. & Martha (McManus) Bivins Family History
Old Billy Rodgers 1770 - 2005 Narrative
Rodgers Family Service to the Confederacy
The original John Lemuel and Frances Hannah (Boddie) Rogers Story

Genealogical Charts

All Genealogy Charts
Benj & Rhoda Bivins
Charlie Luke and Montee (Rodgers) Temple Family Charts
Chesley and Risby (Hanson) Rodgers Family Chart
Elizabeth (Rodgers) and John A Parrish Family Chart
Emily Crystal (Rodgers) and Emanuel Black Family Chart
Henry and Katurah (Bodie) Rodgers Family Charts
Hillary Q. and Sally (Bodie) Rodgers Family Charts
James P. and Laura Ann (Rodgers) Thompson Family Charts
James Rodgers I and Frances (Duncan) and Elizabeth (Orender) Turner Family Chart
James Wesley & Martha Louvaine (McManus) Bivins
Jane (Rodgers) and Chesley Boddie Family Chart
Joel and Sarah Ann (Bodie) Horton
John & Hannah (Eidson) Salter
John A Bivins
John Allen and Sallie (Newton) Rodgers Family Chart
John Lemuel and Frances Hannah (Boddie) Rogers Family Charts
John Thomas & Mary A Bivins
John and Mary "Polly" (Salter) Gillian
Joseph B. & Adella Bivins
Larken Albert and Carrie (Gilleon) Rogers Family Chart
Levi D. and Idonia (Bodie) Whittle Family Charts
Luke R and Eliza (Webb) Rodgers Family Chart
Malichi Augustus Rogers Family Chart
Obadiah Boddie 1850-1860compare
Obadiah Boddie Sr Family Chart
Rebecca Ann (Rodgers) and Seaborn Temples Family Chart
Seamon Sean and Lucretia (Rodgers) Whittle Family Charts
Simeon & Nancy Salter
Sophia (Rodgers) and Oliver Woodward Family Chart
Telitha (Rodgers) & James Salter & Uriah Hodges
Thomas and Jane O. (Rodgers) Towles Family Charts
William A. and Mary (Orander) Rodgers Family Chart
William DuBignon & Melinda (Padgett) Horton
William Elbert and Talula (Denny) and Edna (Crouch) Bodie Family Charts
William Malichi Buck and Sara (Salter) Rodgers Family Charts
William Russell Rogers Family Charts

Family Documents

Francis Hannah (Boddie) Rogers Obituary
Francis Hannah Rogers' Confederate Widow's Pension index
Francis Hannah Rogers' Confederate Widow's Pension page 1
Francis Hannah Rogers' Confederate Widow's Pension page 2
Francis Hannah Rogers' Confederate Widow's Pension page 3
James Wesley Bivins Obituary
Letters of Jane (Rodgers) Boddie
Sally (Bodie) Rodgers' Obituary

Photos & Galleries 

(Obe) Obidiah Rogers Age 11
(Obe) Obidiah Rogers Age 18
Anna (Boddie) Anderson
Annie Frances Varnadoe
Carl Dovis IV, Ted, Margaret, Sam, Melba
Carl Dovis Rogers Jr
Carl Dovis Rogers Jr. and Tommy Bennett
Carl Dovis Rogers Sr Family
Carl Dovis Rogers age 13
Carl Dovis Rogers age 6
Carl Dovis and Rosa Mae (Bivins) Rogers
Carl Dovis, George Cephus Buckshot Rogers, Jeannetta Varnadoe
Charlie Luke Temples
Charlie Mae, Audrey and George Cephus Jr
Charlie Weeds Rogers, age 24
Charlie Weeds Rogers, age 31
Clarence Goode Rogers age 18
Clarence Goode Rogers age 25
Claude Carrie (Rogers) Major
Earnest Pete Rogers age 16
Earnest Pete Rogers, age23
Edna J Crouch Bodie
Elizabeth Eliza O (Webb) Rodgers
Eugene Walker
Family Gallery
Family Gallery
Frances (Rogers) Copeland Taylor
Frances Catherine Bodie
Frances Fannie Hannah (Boddie) Rogers
Frances Fannie Hannah (Boddie) Rogers
Frances Fannie Hannah (Boddie) Rogers
Frances Hannah (Boddie) Rogers and Nathan Boddie
George Cephus Buckshot Rogers Age 6
George Cephus Buckshot and Bertha (Cowart) Rogers
Gerry and George Cephus Rogers Jr
Happy Trails to Butch
Henry Thomas Bodie
Hillary Q and Sally (Bodie) Rodgers
James Andrew Bodie
James Monk Rodgers
Jeannetta (Rogers) Thompson Varnadoe Age 28
Jeannette (Fulmer) and Obadiah Boddie
John Lemuel Rogers age 20
John Lemuel Rogers age 51
John Lemuel and Frances Hannah Rogers Son's
John Lemuel and Frances Hannah Rogersí Family, 1898
John Lemuel and Francis Hannah (Boddie) Rogers
Kitty Bodie
Lark Rogers
Lawrence Gideon & Phoebe (Watkins) Salter
Leatha Bodie
Lem Rodgers
Lemuel Lem Pierce Rogers Age 21
Lemuel Lem Pierce Rogers age 14
Lizzie (McDonald) Rogers
Lucy (Rogers) Martin Age 10
Luke R Rodgers
Luke R Rodgers
Luke W Rodgers
Luke W Rodgers
Lula Jane (Rogers) Walker Age 14
Maggie (Rogers) Bennett Age 22
Marina Harriet (Temples) Funderburg
Marina Harriet Temples Funderburg
Marion Samuel Sam Rogers, Texee and Mellissa Brewer
Mary (Orander) Rodgers
Mary (Orander) Rodgers
Mary Etta Rogers age 7
Matt and Ollie Anderson
Melba (Rogers) Peyton Wanzie Watson
Michelle Bernsten and Daniel Kevin Rogers Wedding
Montee (Rodgers) and Charley Luke Temples
Nathan Bodie
Nathan and Sarah Ann (Yonce) Bodie, Family
Obadiah Bodie
Ocie (Coon) Rogers and Margaret Mellissa (Rogers) Brewer
Pearl (Rogers) Davis
Peggy (Coyne)and Carl Dovis Rogers Jr. June 14, 1946
Rachel (Stroud) Rodgers
Rodgers, Rogers Family Gallery
Rodgers, Rogers Family Gallery Page 2
Sally Bodie, Kit, William Elbert and Idonia (Donie) Bodie
Sam Anderson
Sarah Ann (Yonce) Bodie
Seaborn and Rebbecca (Rodgers) Temples
Ted Rogers
Ted Rogers and Bull
Ted Rogers and Frankie (Brewer) Rogers
The Lake House Furniture
The Lake House Furniture
Vera (Varnadoe) Walker Bird Family
William Anderson Rodgers
William Anderson Rodgers
William Elbert Bodie
William Elbert Bodie Family
William Malachi and Sara Sallie (Salter) Rodgers
William Malichi and Sara Salter Rodgers Headstone
William Marion Rogers Age 30
William Marion Rogers Age 37
William Varnadoe
Willie Rogers age 4


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Genealogy Charts

Battcher Family Chart
Coyne Family Chart
Eastman Family Chart
Hastie Family Charts
Kearney Family Chart
Murdock Family Chart
O'Leary Family Chart
Stearns Family Chart

Galleries & Photos

Anna (O'Riley) O'Leary
Arnold James Coyne
Arnold James Coyne
Arnold James and Hester (Battcher) Coyne
Battcher Coat of Arms
Battcher/Murdock Gallery
Carl Dovis Rogers
Clifton Buck
Coyne Gallery
Coyne/O'Leary Gallery
Daniel O'Leary
George A. Murdock
Hester (Battcher) Coyne, Patricia Coyne, Peggy Coyne
Hester (Eastman) Stearns Murdock
Hester (Eastman) Stearns Murdock
Hester Elizabeth (Battcher) Coyne
James O'Leary
Mamie (O'Leary) Sheridan Wolford Paul
Mamie (O'Leary) Sheridan Wolford
Mamie (O'Leary) Sheridan Wolford and Margaret Maggy (O'Leary) Coyne
Margaret Maggy (Murdock) Buck Golding
Margaret Maggy (O'Leary) Coyne
Margaretmae Peggy Hester (Coyne) Rogers
Margaretmae Peggy Hester (Coyne) and Carl Dovis Rogers Jr
Mary Emma (Murdock) Battcher Hubler
Minnie Battcher
Patricia Cherie Coyne at Fullersburg
Patricia Pat Cherie (Coyne) and Howard Taylor
William Battcher


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